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2020 Workshop and Retreat Dates – Available Soon!

My April 2019 retreat programme was aimed at women who were disillusioned, burnt out and feeling stuck. They knew something needed to change but didn’t know where to start.

My Reinvent and Revitalise Retreat, with breathtaking views of the East Kent coast enabled them to reinvent their career and life goals and view them with renewed energy.

With bespoke coaching, guided meditation and yoga, all with a captivating view of the sea, they left feeling liberated, having discovered how to be their best self and with fire in their belly for new opportunities ahead.

Those who took the plunge and jumped into the retreat programme:

  • Made career changes
  • Set up their own business
  • Made health and lifestyle changes
  • Increased their confidence and courage to make changes
  • Got clarity, cleared the brain fog and came up with a plan
  • Had courageous conversations with themselves and others to support their changes
  • Got their drive back – to gain momentum and see results
  • Got space to think away from the chaos of life
  • Reduced stress levels and became more resilient
  • Let go, in order to move forward
  • Built solidarity and camaraderie in an intimate and nurturing environment
  • Built their network
  • Relax and unwind
  • Overcome the vulnerability they felt about the changes they wanted to make

If you’d like to achieve these things, look out for the 2020 workshop and retreat dates being released soon, or subscribe to my mailing list (below)


For more information or to book your 20-minute discovery call please contact me on:

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Whilst I am based in East Kent, location is not an issue. Coaching works effectively via mobile and by Skype (video and audio) so no matter where in the world you are, we can work together. Skype video and voice calls are free. I can also coach in person at various locations in Kent and London.