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You’re disengaged at work but you’re still coming in every day, doing your best and working hard. You earn well, but don’t feel appreciated. You don’t share the same value system as the Company you work for and you’re worried you’ll be next in line for redundancy. Or maybe you’re hoping you’ll be next to get a pay-out.

Sound familiar?

Many people in well-paid jobs stay because they worry the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Another company will be no different you say. What good things you can find in your current situation might not be as good elsewhere. There’s always a trade off you say.

The salary and benefits package are like a ‘golden handcuff’. You’re handcuffed to the job because you earn well. You have the decent salary, the bonus, the car, the flexible benefits…what more could you want?

You convince yourself you won’t get the same elsewhere. You’ll be worse off. So, you continue plodding on…stuck in a rut. Until years go by and you realise nothing has changed. You’ve stopped learning. You still work too many hours and are on the verge of burnout.

Making a change is hard. Even harder perhaps is the decision to take control. To take action.

It’s never too late to change. To reinvent yourself. Big companies do it all the time. They rebrand. Products get special new ingredients. Technology develops. So why don’t you?

By taking action will you really be worse off? Is trading your happiness, health, job satisfaction and any chance of igniting that fire in your belly really the right way to view your situation? Staying in a job that isn’t satisfying can be damaging to your mental and physical health and your self-confidence. It can impact on your behaviour inside and outside the workplace. This can damage your reputation and your relationships.

Work is a part of life. Not many are fortunate to win the lottery. Bills need paying. So, it’s important not to make a change on a whim. Often the whole situation blurs into a fog that you can’t clear. You might make a pros and cons list but it’s still not clear cut. You struggle to make a decision. You procrastinate.

Working with a coach can help you clear this fog, work through your pros and cons list and gain perspective. What might start as a jumbled mess, through coaching it untangles, enabling new possibilities to emerge. By acting like a mirror, challenging you and testing your assumptions you begin to see that you have a capacity to change. Your mindset shifts. Your aspirations come to the surface, your confidence is restored, and you move forward with clarity, courage and drive.

There are always options. With a supportive, pragmatic, challenging yet empathetic coach, change and career reinvention doesn’t have to be scary. You will start to see that the grass might actually be greener on the other side…