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Research & Development – Global Pharma

Senior Director


The time spent in coaching has boosted my ability to achieve my most important goals. Drawing on her depth of experience managing within different organisations, Michelle asks insightful questions, challenges assumptions, and also shares her observations on communication style. The coaching Michelle provided enhanced the quality of my work, accelerated the pace of my planning, and provided a heightened insight into the future impact of these plans once implemented.

Pharmaceutical Director

SJ; 30+ years’ global pharma experience.

In my current role I’d had a lengthy period in which my level of frustration was high, my sense of personal achievement and satisfaction was low and my outward projection openly negative. The frustration was brought about by my wanting to deliver on everything that was being asked of me and the long working hours then spent trying to achieve this taking their toll on my personal life and my health and fitness, all of which were important to me.

To try and restore a sense of balance and achievement I was offered the opportunity of some professional coaching.

Michelle very quickly made it clear that whilst the focus of the coaching was professional there could not be a separation from the personal and both ought to be considered as a whole; there also needed to be a high degree of trust and openness between the coach and client to achieve a truly successful outcome. I was surprised how quickly and easily I was able to open up under Michelle’s active listening, inciteful questioning and use of different coaching tools and techniques to guide thought processes. Trust was established very quickly and that encouraged the willingness to open up on the personal side of things – without which there may not have such a successful outcome.

Michelle’s questions quite often caught me in my tracks and helped me look at specific situations from a completely different angle. My description of this was as if the problem/situation was a pivot around which I was moved 180° by her question; the problem remained where it was but my perspective of it was completely changed, usually for the better.

One of the key learnings from this was where perhaps the greatest pressure to deliver was coming from and who was setting the greatest expectation? The answer for this was myself; so a considerable part of the solution to this was to reset my own expectations. Considering one of my main objectives was to continue delivering but make my outlook more positive, this was a very good outcome.

Two other key objectives agreed were around “work life fit” and establishing a personal development plan.

The personal development plan was something I had identified as a need but then struggled and procrastinated on getting down on paper. We had one session where this was the specific focus and towards the end of the session several things clicked into place and I had a 3-page plan drafted that evening that I was very happy with, covering professional, personal and competency development.

Where am I at right now? The role still has its pressures and I believe I’m still delivering; however, I now spend less time at work (and less time working at home) partly helped by a renewed focus on my fitness – with nearly a stone lost in 6 months (through regular weekly running and cycling and only a slight change in diet!). My overall attitude at work is very much more positive – which has certainly been acknowledged by colleagues – and I have a tendency to arrive home earlier than used to be the case! The challenge is to maintain this as there will be a natural tendency to revert but making “work life fit” the norm is the first core intention in my personal development plan, with barometers set to help take regular stock and readjust if necessary.

Without the professional coaching sessions with Michelle I don’t think I would be in this much improved position or would have achieved the outcome quite so readily. Her focussed, personal and intuitive guidance has helped restore a positive, professional outlook and provided checks and balance tools to help maintain or restore the “work life fit”. Whilst the coaching sessions came to a natural, agreed end I was quite sad that they had come to an end, even though the outcome was so positive; a very clear reflection of how much of a pleasure it was to work with Michelle.

If you are seeking professional or life coaching I would highly recommend Michelle!

Head of HR

Emily Fairhall


I received significant coaching from Michelle at a poignant point in my career as I grew from an HR Assistant to Manager to Head of HR; with greater responsibility and accountability. In a short period of time Michelle enabled a drastic growth in my confidence through her collaborative approach, listening to my concerns and helping me find my own solutions to difficult or new situations I found myself dealing with. Michelle was extremely motivating and inspiring through this approach, listening and giving advice that was tailored to me not “off the shelf”. I still regularly find I refer back to our sessions together and think “what would Michelle ask me?” and in considering this question, I am able to find solutions and feel confident in my own decisions. I highly recommend Michelle as a coach to anyone looking to develop in their careers and reach their potential.

Mylan Pharma UK

Steve Philpott, Technical Operations


Michelle’s personal coaching helped me enormously during a very busy transitional period within my organisation that involved a significant role change personally. Her excellent listening skills, understanding of the challenges and passion for offering practical tools tailored to me were invaluable in helping me transition.  By asking the right questions Michelle gave me the time to reflect, focus and prioritise on what was important resulting in my confidence growing making me more effectiveness in the workplace!

Alan Newton

Former Senior Director, Mylan Global Respiratory Group

I was fortunate enough to work closely with Michelle for several years in her capacity as Human Resources Lead and as part of the Mylan Global Respiratory Group Leadership Team, during which she consistently demonstrated her extensive range of abilities.

Michelle had excellent communication skills and her ability to listen actively promoted open dialogue in 1:1, team and leadership settings. She was able to quickly identify key pieces of information and confirm mutual understanding in an empathetic way that her colleagues felt totally at ease with. Based on this common understanding of the key issues, Michelle offered focused guidance and suggestions in a supportive and persuasive manner; consistently helping her colleagues to find very positive and relevant outcomes.

Michelle has the skillset to provide high quality career and life coaching at all levels of the business coupled with the experience to provide sound HR advice across a wide range of organizations.  It was a real pleasure to work with Michelle, and I wish her every success for the future.


Maria, Project Management

Before meeting Michelle I felt a bit lost. I knew I wanted to change careers and was already in the process of retraining, but couldn’t see how I was going to turn that idea into a reality. And somehow since then an opportunity arose that I felt I could nurture and then take. I’m now a freelancer and working in an industry that I’m passionate about. I am happier now that I have been in years!

Michelle is kind and empathetic, and has simple yet powerful strategies that enabled me to overcome my own fears. I felt more confident about the changes I was going to make.

I was able to identify what was holding me back and using Michelle’s tools, feel more confident about moving forward. I took tangible and concrete steps to change my career.

I would recommend Michelle if you are feeling stuck or feel overwhelmed, or even if you don’t know where to start to make changes in your life. Michelle will help you find a way forward.

Mrs R Marketing

Shahla Rushworth

I partnered with Michelle having gone from working for big corporates in busy offices to freelancing. It was quite an adjustment – I had to be more self-driven, had to learn to sell myself more etc. Michelle is a great active listener. She took a lot of my loose threads and put them together to make sense of them and help me find a way forward. On one occasion we used a role play exercise. This really helped me manage a real-life situation. From the coaching experience I increased my self-awareness, learnt how to hold myself to account more and can now see beyond the behaviours of others to their intent.

The most significant improvements are that I have learnt to be myself more with people who may have previously intimidated me so that I can be at my best. This helped me sell in my proposals better. I would recommend Michelle to others. She is an excellent “people” person. I can’t imagine there is a human being on this earth who Michelle would not be able to win over. You feel very relaxed in her company which makes it easier to open-up.

Michelle clearly has great active listening skills and identifies some of the non-saids too.

Orchid Coaching and HR

Jo Killgallon, Director/Owner

Jo attended the My Reinvent and Revitalise Retreat Programme I ran in April 2019 focused on enabling women to increase their performance and impact and avoid burnout.

I signed up for the retreat to give myself some much needed thinking time to focus on where I was at, and where I wanted to be.

I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat, I met some amazing people in my fellow participants and we found a common bond very quickly. There were tears and laughter in equal measure beautifully facilitated by Michelle.

I found myself with a focus that I had struggled to achieve on my own through the exercises that we completed and the coaching session that Michelle gave me.

That combined with the stunning setting and gorgeous food provided by our amazing hosts, the opportunity to take some exercise through walking along the beach and yoga session and just space to reflect were really powerful.

I came away with a clearer focus on what I needed and wanted to be doing and a renewed motivation to make these things happen, but also a confidence to say no and challenge some things that didn’t feel right.

The most significant improvements I have experiences since attending the retreat is that I have followed through on the commitments I made, even on things I had been procrastinating on for a while. I also came away with more confidence in my own ability. The knowledge I was to have a follow up coaching session helped in this regard too!

I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone facing a crossroads or decision point in their life – 2 days of self investment has definitely been worthwhile and I have found myself being bolder with my own clients and reaping the rewards.

Possibly the best thing I can say is that this inspired me so much that I am looking at who I can work with in my area of the country to but together a retreat of my own so that I can help others in the way that Michelle and Dawn (Ingram) have helped me!

SAMS Limited

Paul Sadd, Director/Owner
Health and Safety Consultants

Following a change by Safety and Management Solutions Ltd to change staff working conditions to allow for flexible and home working we approached Michelle to advise around the HR issues arising. The advice provided was delivered in a quick and understandable manner with clear guidance given. This enabled us to move forward with the project to implementation with confidence and the minimum of fuss.

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