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My Reinvent and Revitalise Retreat

5th – 7th April 2019

Edgecliff, Birchington-on-Sea, Kent

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You’re disillusioned, burnt out and feeling stuck. You know you need something to change but don’t know where to start.

My Reinvent and Revitalise Retreat, with breathtaking views of the East Kent coast will enable you to reinvent your career and life goals and view them with renewed energy.

With bespoke coaching, hypnotherapy, guided meditation and yoga, all with a captivating view of the sea, you’ll leave feeling liberated, having discovered how to be your best self and with fire in your belly for new opportunities ahead.

Bringing together their collective experience, qualifications and unique mix of offerings Dawn Ingram and Michelle Yeoman will be helping a small group of women reinvent and revitalise themselves with this coastal retreat programme.

Michelle is an accredited coach, having trained with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) and is a former HR Director. Dawn is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist having trained at the Advanced School of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ASCH). She is also a qualified yoga instructor and personal trainer.

They are both passionate about coaching people to have healthier, stronger minds and become their best self. Through their holistic blend of skills, experience, empathy, pragmatism and positivity – Michelle and Dawn can’t wait to help you build clarity, camaraderie, courage and drive.

The first retreat programme will be run as a BETA and is aimed at women wishing to reflect and consider their future career and life goals, but who also wish to be part of building the content and providing valuable input and feedback for this programme and future retreat programmes.  It is for you if you are:

  • Looking to make a career change
  • Going through life changes
  • Lacking in confidence and courage to make a change
  • In need of clarity, to clear the brain fog and come up with a plan
  • Wanting to get your drive back – to gain momentum and see results
  • In need of space to think away from the chaos of life
  • Stressed and in need of support
  • Needing to let go, in order to move forward
  • Wanting to build camaraderie and extend your network, in an intimate and nurturing environment
  • Needing solidarity
  • Needing to relax and unwind
  • Feeling vulnerable due to change
  • Want to learn and be part of building a bespoke retreat programme and community for others to benefit in making career and life changes

Set in a venue great for contemplation and rest, the Edgecliff Boutique B&B is located 100 yards from Epple Bay on the East Kent coast, approximately 75 minutes by train from London. With stunning sea views and a contemporary feel, it comprises of:

  • A seaview lounge and communal meeting space
  • A main master suite with beautiful panoramic sea views, a kingsize bed and a private ensuite bathroom. Amazing for one person but best shared with a trusted friend
  • A junior suite with sea views, a double bed and a shared bathroom. Beautiful for one person, but again best shared with a trusted friend
  • A twin room with shared bathroom
  • A single room with shared bathroom
  • Reflective spaces and a garden/terrace that wraps around the property, overlooking the sea


What’s proposed to be included for Weekend Retreat Programme:

  • Pre-retreat Discovery Call
  • 2 nights full board at Edgecliff Boutique B&B
  • Refreshments (tea, coffee, juice)
  • Guided meditation and yoga (hopefully on the beach)
  • Group workshops
  • A choice of a 1:1 coaching session with Michelle Yeoman  https://mycoachconsult.com/about OR a 1:1 hypnotherapy, personal training or yoga with Dawn Ingram, qualified clinical hypnotherapist, personal trainer and yoga instructor https://www.ehy.org.uk/
  • A choice of post-retreat activity – either a 1:1 skype or telephone coaching session with Michelle Yeoman OR 1:1 skype or telephone hypnotherapy or personal training plan check-in

What’s proposed to be included for Saturday 6th April Day Retreat Programme:

  • Pre-retreat Discovery Call
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments (tea, coffee, juice)
  • Yoga (hopefully on the beach)
  • Group workshops
  • A choice of post-retreat activity – either a 1:1 skype or telephone coaching session with Michelle Yeoman OR 1:1 skype or telephone hypnotherapy with Dawn Ingram.

Massage therapy may also be available. If interested, please state at time of booking.


For further information regarding this retreat and future retreats please use the Contact section below.


For more information or to book your 20-minute discovery call please contact me on:

+44 (0) 7725 081597


Whilst I am based in East Kent, location is not an issue. Coaching works effectively via mobile and by Skype (video and audio) so no matter where in the world you are, we can work together. Skype video and voice calls are free. I can also coach in person at various locations in Kent and London.