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Executive/ Business Coaching

Increase career impact, see results.

To be a leader in your own life, you need clarity, courage and drive.

Working on a 1:1 basis, I am experienced in using coaching as an effective way of developing you to be the best you can be, inspiring you to be your authentic self, maximise your personal and professional potential and be resilient to change. To be a leader in your own life, you need clarity, courage and drive.

Leaders in complex and changing organisations can find it difficult to dedicate time to the most important strategic goals without being overwhelmed by the daily juggling of urgent priorities. This coupled with conflicts between work and home life can often leave leaders in need of space to stand back from it all. It is this space to reflect and challenge that facilitates creation and development of goals and the ability to devise and execute successfully on a plan to achieve them.

Those coached by me experience…

  • heightened business impact
  • enhanced quality of work
  • accelerated pace of planning
  • clarity of thinking and focus
  • increased confidence (in presenting, influencing, managing, networking etc)
  • increased courage to take on new challenges or try a different approach
  • increased self-awareness
  • career growth
  • accelerated movement through periods of change and transition (returning from maternity/leave of absence, redundancy, retirement etc)
  • accelerated transition to new roles – promotion, diversification, lateral moves, restructuring
  • improved wellbeing, resilience and life balance
  • increased drive to execute on their plans

My business coaching programmes are aimed at…

  • Executives (‘C-suite’, VP’s, Directors)
  • Managers
  • Technical experts
  • High potentials
  • Critical talent
  • Successors

Coaching can work for anyone seeking to make an impact in their career or business. It can also work as part of an employee wellbeing programme.
From experience, more junior members of staff respond well to 1:1 coaching outside of the management relationship too.

Interested? Book a 20 minute discovery call…

For more information or to book your 20 minute discovery call +44 (0) 7725 081597 or email michelle@mycoachconsult.com.


For more information or to book your 20-minute discovery call please contact me on:

+44 (0) 7725 081597


Whilst I am based in East Kent, location is not an issue. Coaching works effectively via mobile and by Skype (video and audio) so no matter where in the world you are, we can work together. Skype video and voice calls are free. I can also coach in person at various locations in Kent and London.