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Performance and Wellbeing Coaching for Leaders in Life Sciences

A combined performance and wellbeing approach to leadership coaching is needed in life sciences now more than ever

Even prior to COVID-19, the life sciences industry was fierce. The expectations high. The pace of change incredible. Leadership challenges around every corner.

This has only been exacerbated by COVID-19.

By using performance and wellbeing coaching to navigate the transition and changes resulting from COVID-19; and the ongoing pressures of leading in life sciences, your business will save time and energy, increase credibility with stakeholders, reduce employee relations issues, increase retention, lower attrition and retain talent.

Since COVID-19, many leaders in life sciences are in a tailspin, working harder than ever and seeing a glimmer of the benefits of a more balanced approach to life. These thoughts and behaviours can cause confusion, which can lead to a loss of confidence in their strategic and tactical decision making, increased procrastination, reduced productivity, efficiency and ultimately, a loss of credibility and respect. For some it will lead to burnout.

Their behaviours may be impacting negatively on team dynamics, employee engagement and culture, which could impact employer brand, market reputation – and ultimately the bottom line.

I help leaders to increase:
– efficiency and effectiveness of tactical and strategic decision-making
– leadership impact and presence
– employee engagement
– confidence and self-awareness
– resilience, health and wellbeing

It improves how senior teams operate and do business together.

It increases productivity, engagement and trust.

It saves HR time by reducing employee relations issues, increasing retention, lowering attrition and retaining talent.

I am a qualified executive coach and former Pharma HR Director who coaches clients online and F2F to increase performance and wellbeing – thus increasing productivity and profitability, without burning out.

My coaching approach creates a unique space to reflect, re-energise and reconnect. In this space leaders have time to think, clear the brain fog and see light at the end of the tunnel. They’re able to create a plan to thrive rather than survive. A plan that identifies the steps needed to feel more self-aware, present, confident, courageous and engaged – with fire in their belly and renewed energy to gain momentum and see results.

Whether its redefining leadership style, increasing performance and leadership impact, starting a new role, going for promotion or taking on a new project, I am experienced in using coaching as an effective way of developing leaders to be the best they can be, inspiring them to be their authentic self, maximise their personal and professional potential and be resilient to change.

1:1 coaching typically over a 10-month period, which includes 18 x 90 min coaching sessions and additional resources. Investment POA.

To apply for this programme, call +44 (0)7725 081597 or email michelle@mycoachconsult.com.

Those coached by me experience…

  • career growth
  • increased confidence (in communicating their needs, presenting, managing etc)
  • increased drive to execute on their plans
  • heightened business impact
  • clarity of thinking and focus
  • increased courage to take on new challenges or try a different approach
  • increased self-awareness
  • improved wellbeing, resilience and work life balance
  • reduced risk of burnout
  • accelerated movement through periods of change and transition (restructuring, returning from maternity/leave of absence, redundancy, retirement etc)
  • accelerated transition to new roles – promotion, diversification, lateral moves,
  • enhanced quality of work
  • accelerated pace of planning

My coaching programmes are aimed at…

  • Vice Presidents
  • Senior Directors/Business Unit Heads
  • Directors
  • High potentials
  • Critical talent
  • Successors
  • Technical experts

To get started call +44 (0) 7725 081597 or
email michelle@mycoachconsult.com