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Leadership Development Programmes

Specialising in developing life sciences leaders to be their best self, to understand themselves, lead courageously and be happy and healthy. 

Want a leadership development programme to support leaders in life sciences to lead courageously and perform to their potential?

Specialising in developing leaders to be their best self, understanding themselves, leading courageously and ensuring they are happy and healthy. Typically run as a 6 month programme – this is now being delivered online to ensure leaders can lead courageously through uncertain times. It focuses on what makes them a confident life sciences leader with leadership mindset, values, brand and health being important components of this unique leadership development experience. Burnout avoidance is an element of the programme – of the utmost importance to leadership health and wellbeing; and when pressure is on at work and at home.

This is a modular leadership development programme with workshops and 1:1 coaching support.

By working with me you can support and develop your existing leaders and your future leadership cohort – you will reap the benefits of increased job performance, job satisfaction and engagement. By supporting them you are creating a unique culture – one that recognises that to thrive as a leader you need to understand yourself and take care of yourself. You’ll help engage and retain them, empower them and enable them to be happy and healthy. You’ll also increase employee engagement, lower attrition, reduce employee relations issues and increase retention of talent.

Investment – POA.

Want leadership development that is bespoke?

Whilst my standard offering is modular workshops followed by 1:1 coaching programmes for participants, it works best if I get a good understanding of your business and needs to provide you with a work proposal. This will include a recommendation on the approach best suited to your business, anticipated duration and cost. Partnership is typically provided as a package price or daily rate.

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